Things We Care About

Comfortable Surroundings


We operate in clean, bright, well ventilated spaces. 

Long refectory-like communal tables that maximizes seating and social interaction. 

A simple PA & sound system should be installed in each café along with a makeshift raised platform for townhalls or staff gatherings. Pipe in music to make for a relaxing environment. 

Free wifi goes without saying & must be available for mass usage. 

Power sockets are dotted along the walls for late lunch meetings when things are running low on batt!

This is their cafeteria and we want them to make use of it. 

Keep Price Low!


Employees don't always have the time to bring a lunch but we know they have options - to eat elsewhere albeit not as convenient, or they can choose not to work here. 

We understand our role in maintaining employees' satisfaction by maintaining a comfortable dining surrounding, excellent & safe meals and most importantly low prices. 

Along with our client partners, we strive to keep it affordable & offer high value for money. We make low margins in return for high foot traffic.

Hygiene & Safety


Hygiene & safety are non-negotiable. 

We adhere to CFDA & USFDA rules, from supply chain, receiving protocols, food handling processes, stewarding, on-site QA, emergency protocols, maintenance, pest control, insurance & staff training.

Our staff are trained according to it & remunerated according to the Weekly Hygiene Audits. It accounts for 10% of our front line staff salaries & up to 30% of our managers’ pay. 

We care about

Speed is of the Essence

Staffers don’t have a lot of time for lunch. They want a healthy and quick meal at the office without commuting very far.  Lunch hour rarely goes beyond the regular 2 hours of 11-1pm and they do all come around the same time. 

The layout & signages must be able to effectively direct traffic flow to ensure speed by reducing bottlenecks. 

The agility of the servers & cashiers are paramount without compromising service quality.

The self-serve element means there is little or no service which means the space must be able to keep clean & fast by design. 

Finally, cashless payments are accepted via our 'where's my lunch' stored value cards, wechat pay, zhifu bao, sodexho card and apple pay. 


We maintain a sustainable mobile wechat platform that all your staff can subscribe to. This platform will be created for & dedicated to your staff only. They only need scan the dedicated QR code to add us!

From there, where's my lunch sends out weekly & monthly notices to update our menu & keep your employees excited & entice them to use the cafeteria's products and services. 

For those with special dietary needs, this is the best way to find out the meal plan.

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Food Education

The white collar staffers of today are well travelled. Whether traveling on business, flying solo or with their friends and family, our customers are no strangers to international cuisines. We seek to keep our menu ever changing, international, festive and fun!